Leading by example

Bailprint MD John Hayward

Bailprint continues to blaze a trail by becoming the first company in the UK to invest in the next generation of label finishing technology.

The state-of-the-art H12 inspection machine brings a further level of quality control to Bailprint’s production of labels, flexible packaging and board.

This new technology is supplied by Swedish company Grafotronic, renowned for integrating high-tech innovation with robust, reliable heavy duty machines that are built to last.

Excellent tension control

Following Bailprint’s major investment in the new Nilpeter FA-4* 8  colour press  earlier this year, founder and managing director, John Hayward (pictured above with Gabriele Gerbella (Grafotronic) in LabelandLabeling.com) was on a mission,

‘We were looking for a new very high specification machine that could handle all the materials we work with, from unsupported films to board, and I have to say Grafotronic impressed me with trials in excellent tension control throughout the machine and ease of operation.’

Proud and delighted

Proud and delighted to have Bailprint as their first UK customer, Grafotronic international sales manager, Gabriele Gerbella confirmed,

‘The new generation of inspection machines have been completely redesigned and updated with the latest technology in every single part of the machine.  It has been a long journey but we are very proud of the result and all the positive feedback we get from our customers.’

Relentless pursuit of excellence

Bailprint’s continuous pursuit of excellence is THE driving force for the company.  In the last 18 months alone, Bailprint has integrated the following technologies into its day to day operations, ensuring quality of product and service delivery is built in every step of the way:

Nilpeter FA-4* 8  colour press  A significant investment and an impressive piece of kit, designed to ensure optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality. It arrived on 9 huge pallets and took 5 engineers 7 days to install!

The X-rite Exact Spectrophotometer and Color IQC software The holy grail of printing, this kit measures solid ink density and spot colours in a way that guarantees 100% colour consistency when printed.

Full HD flexo; digital flexographic plates The only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available, this new print technology adds perfect ink laydown with the right solid density, vibrant brand colours and supreme platemaking consistency.

Want to know more?

To find out how Bailprint’s new technologies can make a real and lasting difference for your next print job, contact Bailprint or give us a call.

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