Colour accuracy with Bailprint

colour accuracy with Bailprint

For fifteen years Rick has been scrutinising the colours on proofs, pdfs and swatches whilst the team on the print floor painstakingly match what’s required.

The skill and sheer diligence in managing and reproducing colour passes most of us by.

So when a guy like Rick, who has seen a thing or two, describes Bailprint’s latest bit of kit as, ”a major step forward in achieving colour accuracy across the board,’” we should all take note.

The new bit of kit is an X-rite Exact Spectrophotometer together with Color IQC software, which makes use of the various digital Pantone libraries.

So what?

Well to cut to the chase, this new addition to the Bailprint team measures solid ink density and spot colours in a way that guarantees 100% colour consistency when printed, it reads the spectral data of a colour, or its DNA …. for supreme accuracy.

Easy to say, and yes it is the holy grail of printing, but actually it does; whatever the substrate and whatever the print process, whether across a single print run or from run to run.

So how?

This new built-in quality control eliminates the scope for variation throughout all stages of label and packaging production; from the design and artwork, through to sign off and the printed label in this run and the next…

So why Bailprint?

Staying ahead of the quality and technology game is why Bailprint succeeds.  It’s why, when pitted alongside the ‘big boys’, Bailprint can be trusted with large scale print runs destined for the supermarket shelves whilst also pushing the boat out for the smaller one-off artisan labelling.

Whatever the scale, all jobs benefit from the high-end and more sophisticated technologies we employ.

A final word from Rick

As the Spectrophotometer becomes part of Bailprint’s day to day, Rick’s mission to make life easier for clients is as strong as ever.

“If clients and their design teams involve us early on in the process we can save them time and money; from something as simple as providing a cutter guide, checked against existing print cylinder repeats, to the supply of a digital mx4 material profile to ensure the colour accuracy of GMG proofs, we are there to help.”

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