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Finding a better way to perfect the printing process

The drive to perfect the printing process, continually improve quality and get the job done on time led to the creation of Bailprint Labels in 1993.

Frustrated with the inflexible service and poor quality of external print suppliers, Bailprint founder and managing director, John Hayward decided to do it himself.

He bought his own printing press and invested time, energy and determination into perfecting the process. The result? The best quality labels, a well-managed process and delivery when needed.

Since then, the company’s reputation for excellence in terms of quality and service has paved the way for solid and steady growth.

Today, Bailprint provides a range of versatile, reliable and quality label print to small and large clients throughout the UK, including the food packaging industry.

Quality approach to label printing – the drive for excellence

It is easy to say that Bailprint’s reputation is its strongest asset, but it’s important to understand what underpins the company’s drive for quality and excellence.

Built-in quality with Bailprint’s label printing

Bailprint’s ‘continuous improvement’ philosophy ensures that every process and system is subject to constant scrutiny to increase efficiency and deliver excellence.

With a keen overview of the industry and ambitions to keep a step ahead, Bailprint is quick to identify and pursue the potential to innovate; whether extending product range, fine-tuning processes or investing in new technologies.

Customer-led label print production

Customer-led not production-led – unlike the majority of printers, Bailprint’s production and delivery schedules are determined by the customer. As a result, we enjoy taking care of and keeping customers, always looking out for new ways to improve our products and services.

Bailprint’s people and legendary customer service

Bailprint also keeps its own people – a strong, talented, committed and close team. Investing in people is as important to us as investing in our label and flexible packaging manufacture. The company is always keen to encourage new ideas from within the team. The Bailprint team is easy to deal with, friendly, flexible and responsive.

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