Printer of choice for Booths

Bailprint is the label printer of choice for Booths when it comes to creating an impact with a new product.

Louise O’Hara, Booths’ Own Label Marketing Manager, also likes to recommend Bailprint when a new producer joins their award-winning grocers range.

Since June 1847, five generations of the Booths family have led E.H. Booth & Co. Ltd from modest beginnings, with just one small shop in Blackpool, to the present day where the company has over 30 stores across Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

Booths and Bailprint

Booths are a much-loved client for Bailprint and have been for 15 years or so, ever since Bailprint started producing labels for the grocer’s own brand fruit and veg.

Since then, Bailprint’s approach with its smart forecasting, stock control and keen costing has made life easier for Booths. So much so, that Bailprint now takes care of the majority of their fresh food labelling.

For Booths, the quality of the produce and its presentation is paramount, as is establishing strong mutually supportive relationships. With this in mind, they trust their valued suppliers will be looked after by Bailprint.

Small is Beautiful shone the spotlight on one such supplier, Croftpak, with an amazingly quick turnaround for a Booths’ order for pre-packed cherry vine tomatoes.

“The decision was made on the Wednesday, Bailprint printed and supplied the labels by the Friday, so the fresh produce could be picked on Monday, for the shelves by Tuesday!”

Not your average label printer

As for the labels themselves, Louise describes Booths’ approach to labelling as ‘very meticulous’ and she values Bailprint’s ‘exceptional print standards’.

Booths’ seemingly simple label designs really leave nowhere to hide and no room for error. The challenge to ensure such consistency and quality of colour and texture across a variety of products, month after month, would fox your average label printer.

For example, the Bailprint presses have been busy since July producing the labelling for Booths’ forthcoming Christmas range. Together the two teams enjoy pushing to achieve the very best through print.

Talking of Christmas

Booths Great Northern Christmas is now underway, so a visit to their website is highly recommended!

Equally tasty (obviously not really!) is the prospect of this year’s Bailprint Prize Draw. More news on that in next month’s Bailmail.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to put us to the test with your next label job, please contact us to discuss how we can take your label printing to the next level.

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