New kit on the block

Bailprint stays ahead of the game with this advancement in printing technology, bringing an even higher level of service to our customers. Plus, we can now print your ‘booklet’ and ‘peel and reveal’ labels!

The FA-4* press is a significant investment and an impressive piece of kit, designed to ensure optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality. It arrived on 9 huge pallets and took 5 engineers 7 days to install.

So what difference will it make?

‘With the most up to date technology, the IT software on this press is superb. The guys have a tablet on the press which stores all the data from the job (anilox per colour, what stations colours were in, tensions set on press, running speed, material thickness etc). This means when we come to run the job again, the press auto sets to recorded data, ensuring the highest consistency of print standard. Not to mention speed and efficiency of job set up!’ Tony Whiston – Factory Manager

The science bit

The Nilpeter FA-4* press features ‘the shortest possible web path, easy-loading of tooling, and the Nilpeter CLEANINKING system. Combined with a new Nilpeter PowerLink control system, this enables the label and flexible packaging printer to achieve the leanest performance in today’s competitive market. Moreover, the press is prepared to meet the increasing, global trend towards short run jobs and small repeat lengths. The FA-4* tolerance standard and dot gain coverage are impeccable, making it the best choice for any quality conscious printer seeking to maintain the competitive advantage.’

Staying ahead of the game

As you know, Bailprinters tend to get excited about anything that brings our clients further benefits in quality, efficiency, peace of mind and cost effectiveness. Last year, we brought you news of Bailprint’s latest advancements with:

The X-rite Exact Spectrophotometer and Color IQC software The holy grail of printing, this kit measures solid ink density and spot colours in a way that guarantees 100% colour consistency when printed.

Full HD flexo; digital flexographic plates The only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available, this new print technology adds perfect ink laydown with the right solid density, vibrant brand colours and supreme platemaking consistency.

Want to know more?

To find out how Bailprint’s new technologies can make a real and lasting difference for your next print job, contact Bailprint or give us a call.

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